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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." Matt 28:19

Bringing Jesus' Light Into Neighborhoods

Team Work

Help Us Unite


We have been called to:

  1. Unite all Christians into Jesus' Workforce, and show the world "One Voice" of God's love.
  2. Teach all Christians how to fulfill the Great Commission to their highest potential.
  3. Help all Christians to follow Jesus, and hear Him clearly as He sends us into neighborhoods.

Please ask your Christian Friends to seek the Lord's will about helping us unite all Christians into Jesus' Workforce.


We need to start a Pilot Team in every Christian Church. Our Lord is calling church leaders and individual Christians to take a stand with us. It has taken 40 years of following Jesus to prepare the uniting of all Christians.


We are just beginning to Unite all Christians. As far as we know, 100% of the Christians who have read The Healing Set have expressed a desire to join us. Please tell your friends about the front door to our work:


Here are some Details about The Healing Set


  • Learn to hear Jesus's voice. Live inside the peace of Jesus. 
  • Learn how to unite into "one Voice of Love". 
  • Learn your Role in the Great Commission. 
  • Learn how to Fulfill the Great Commission to your highest potential. 
  • Our teaching is victoriously simple and heart-based. 
  • The importance of First Hour Prayer & the Element of Victory. 
  • Accomplishing mighty works for the Lord is a major theme. 

The Church

  • Problems of the Christian Church are identified in detail.
  • Reasons for the Dramatic Decline in attendance are clearly stated.
  • Sound biblically-based solutions are exemplified.
  • Learn the attributes of a Healthy Jesus-led Church.
  • How to join community churches together.
  • Moving a church forward inside the Lord’s joy.
  • Healing the Christian Church is a major theme.

The Lost

  • Learn how to reach the lost and Heal our Land.
  • How to Follow Jesus together. He sends, we go & love.
  • Show the world God’s love in us as we live in Christ.
  • Work with us to Unite all Christians and reach the lost.
  • Learn about the Kindness of Many Christians.
  • Jesus will rapidly have a united workforce reaching the lost.
  • Bringing Jesus’ Light into every neighborhood is a major theme.
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