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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." Matt 28:19

Bringing Jesus' Light Into Neighborhoods


Healing Our Land

Jesus led evangelist PC Johnson on a 40-year formal study of the Great Commission. The results are surprising, fascinating—life-changing! Problems of the Church are identified in full scope; sound biblical solutions are provided in detail. Exact biblical principles are highlighted and reveal our Lord's will and ways, His heart's desire, to unite all Christians and bring Jesus' healing presence into every corner of the world and heal our land.

Many churches are losing the Spiritual War. The results of the study reveal causes of church splits, causes of church instability, why churches fail to reveal the true nature of God—why and how the Christian Church has (mostly) displayed an incorrect representation of Christianity for too long—why many churches have been losing the Worldwide Raging Spiritual War. See details in The Healing Set.

The Matter of the Marks—Symbols

As well as sending PC Johnson into research, evangelism, and working with pastors of healthy churches, Jesus also sent him to help pastors who led unhealthy Northern New England churches. These pastors were rejecting Jesus' authority and were causing "hurtful experiences" to their flocks. Masses of people have quit attending church because of this reason. These actions damage the reputation of the Christian church; and they perpetrate and perpetuate the least-churched area of the United States.

In the Manual-Commentary (your guide in The Healing Set) you will see many sentences with an exclamation mark! They are symbols that represent times when these unhealthy-church pastors turned Johnson away and shunned critical teachings, often in anger, even when Johnson's work was recommended by other pastors, district superintendents, lay leaders, and church members.



A Winning Church!

Learn the attributes of healthy churches that grow by adding converts and by blessing a community with healing love and the Light of Jesus, long-term. See how your church can become filled with joyful Christian love, alive in the power of God's hand—people won't be able to stop talking about it!

May you be blessed to enjoy learning how to "live out" your highest potential by reading the Healing Set, a two-volume study-conclusion report, in book form, complemented by a Manual-Commentary.

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