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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." Matt 28:19

Bringing Jesus' Light Into Neighborhoods


The Healing Set

"These are valuable tools for churches!" ~ Arnold Runnells

"All Christian women should read these books." ~ Christine Runnells


Book #1: A New Dawn In The Great Commission
The first book shows the stark contrast between a church that exhibits inward-focused love to one that “lives out” God’s Word with outward-focused love. This theme is carried and examined deeply from relational standpoints through this second book.



Book #2: How To Fulfill The Great Commission
Written for all Christians: This book is the result of a hands-on study of the Great Commission. Most books on this subject come from a totally different type of research and are written by TV pastors, megachurch pastors, or well-known theologians. In contrast, P.C. Johnson was constantly sent by Jesus to work with and monitor churches and evangelistic associations, mostly in New England, over four decades. He experienced church in America from a unique perspective. The message through this two-volume set was generated by getting involved in various ways in constant church activities and outreach projects, involved in constant research, and involved in hard-fought spiritual battles to talk to thousands of concerned Christians and hundreds of pastors to find out what was going on in the least-churched area of the United States as compared to other regions; and to learn how to bring the light of Jesus into neighborhoods everywhere.

Book #3: Bringing His Light Into Neighborhoods
As well as sending PC Johnson into research, evangelism, and working with pastors of healthy churches, Jesus also sent him to help pastors who led unhealthy Northern New England churches. These pastors were rejecting Jesus’ authority and were causing “hurtful experiences” to their flocks. Masses of people have quit attending church because of this reason. These actions damage the reputation of the Christian church, and they perpetrate and perpetuate the least-churched area of the United States.

In the Manual-Commentary (your guide in The Healing Set) you will see many sentences with an exclamation mark! They are symbols that represent times when these unhealthy-church pastors turned Johnson away and shunned critical teachings, often in anger, even when Johnson’s work was recommended by other pastors, district superintendents, lay leaders, and church members.


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