“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Matt 28:19

Bringing Jesus’ Light Into Neighborhoods



Teach Christians
  • Learn to explain the Power of the Cross.
  • Learn your Role in the Great Commission.
  • Fulfill the Great Commission to your Highest Potential.
  • Learn to hear Jesus’ voice. Live inside the Peace of Jesus.
  • The value of First Hour Prayer & the Element of Victory.
  • How to accomplish mighty works for the Lord.
  • Spend time with Jesus, “Live Out” God’s Word.
  • Our teaching is Victoriously simple and heart-based.
Unite Christians
  • Work with us to Unite Christians.
  • Learn about the Kindness of Many Christians.
  • Let’s Follow Jesus together. He sends, we Go & Love.
  • Healing the Christian Church is a major theme.
  • The value of city-wide Christian Love.
  • Show the world we Love each other.
  • Reach the lost as one Voice of Love, and Heal our Land.
Help Christians
  • Understand the need for a church in every home.
  • Understand that each home needs to be connected to other Christians.
  • Understand that there can be many ways to connect to church bodies.
  • See the need for all Christians in a community to be connected.
  • Understand the venues of Kindness of Many Christians.
  • Become part of Jesus’ workforce and be sent by Him to Heal Our Land.
  • Walk in Victory, in Christ!


The Study

Jesus sent PC “Peter C” Johnson on a 40-year formal study of the Great Commission. The results are surprising, fascinating, life-changing, and give each reader a unique perspective on personal fulfillment, the value of owning the Element of Victory, and how First Hour Prayer can change everything! Learn how to bring our Lord’s Light into neighborhoods and heal our land.

The results of the study reveal causes of church splits, causes of church instability, why many churches fail to reveal the true nature of God, why Northern New England is the least churched area of the United States—and they show how to turn things around, so God’s love can spill out of the church into the streets.   READ MORE


The Healing Set

Our primary Teaching Material is the 40-year Study Results printed in two easy-to-read books, plus an accompanying Manual-Commentary; which references the study as a whole, topic-by-topic, and supplements each chapter in both books with a behind-the-scenes commentary.

Easier Than You Think


Getting the most out of this Set is Easier Than You Think when you keep in mind:

Jesus led Peter C on a heart-based learning and working journey—gently explaining to him why people hurt themselves and others; and revealing why people don’t learn how to listen to Him in order to seek the Father’s heart, and “live out” God’s will and ways. Thus the underlying theme of the books conveys a unique understanding of John 15:4-5.

Simply read the manual-commentary while simultaneously reading the matching chapters in each book. See how heart-based fellowship with God, throughout your in-Christ life, can lead you to enormous victories as you “live out” God’s Word!

Bob says:

My wife and I met Peter C for the first time in 1978. We were in the service he attended because a little gospel band from Mississippi obediently led him into the Kingdom—then brought him to a Bible-believing church, huddled in the back of a van crowed with instruments and speakers, on Sunday.

Over the years we have watched and interacted as he constantly traveled and learned. His incredible focus on following Jesus has always been obvious. Let this amazing true story help you realize a deeper victorious spiritual walk in Jesus than you ever imagined. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised, even if you were saved recently or 50 years ago!

These books boldly state problems of the church, and provide detailed unique solutions that are biblical and make sense. They show how our Lord’s will should have a lasting positive impact on society as we follow Jesus to bring His light into each city and drive out darkness.


“I lost hope in our country – until I read the Healing Set. Please read these books. You will be amazed and see God’s healing hand.”

“These are valuable tools for churches!” ~ Arnold Runnells

“All Christian women should read these books.” ~ Christine Runnells

“All Christian men should read these books!” ~ John Caron

“Life-changing!” “Pastors should read these books.” ~ Pastor Peter Shepherd

From PC Johnson:

The books were written to give an account of what the Lord was showing me. I tried to be truthful and accurate about every detail. As we published, I feared that some New England church leaders would rise up against me in anger.

True stories in the books show why and how church leaders (in my opinion) especially in Northern New England, have been causing hurtful church experiences, church splits, and low attendance. Thus making the area the lowest-churched in the United States.

Now I am deeply humbled. A new truth is emerging. Current pastors and leaders across this area seem to be embracing the principles that Jesus showed me, which bring about positive change, and bring His Healing Light into neighborhoods. I am overwhelmed by the wonderful comments and participation in promoting the books.

A special thanks to all the Northern New England church leaders, and to all the Worldwide Concert in Prayer people who are praying with us.

In His love,
Peter C


Why The Page Change

Over the years, Jesus sent me to have well over a thousand serious talks with senior pastors. By in large, most of them were blessed with a congenial attitude of coming along side and solving problems—always with the objective of fulfilling the Great Commission through a healthy church—led by Jesus. Unfortunately, 209 senior pastors rejected the offer of help, even when recommended by several credible Christian leaders, and confronted me with anger.

It is now year 42. We are witnessing a sensational change in Northern New England. In the past three months, we have enjoyed talking to church leaders from several denominations who are listening intently. In the greater Central New Hampshire area many pastors are uniting into one voice of love. We are also encouraged by leaders in Maine and Massachusetts who are expressing the same attitude to follow Jesus into the War for Souls. So, we have decided to remove and replace a page in the Manual-Commentary.

We are removing the page on top, and replacing it with the page below it (in future printing runs).